ARMELEGANT Ltd. is an emergent firearms industry with a young spirit located in Konya, Turkey. As it can be inferred from the name, our organizational culture emanates from the philosophy built on bringing elegance to the firearms industry in each and every detail, our immersion in the hunting industry counts back to 10 years ago, progressing so fast and expanding our market share internationally is the fruit of our dedication to impeccable quality.

With a wide range of shotguns, ARMELEGANT Ltd. believes it has what it takes to draw the attention of hunting and target sports passionates, adding the crux of years of experience and market research to each and every piece of our arms that we deal with as if it is the only one piece we are producing, subjecting it to hard quality and resistance tests during the production process so we are sure it will meet the requirements of our clients.

Our company produces Semi-Automatic Shotguns, Pump Action Shotguns, Over and Under as well as Single Barrel Shotgun models using the best quality raw materials and gives great importance to the control of the parts at each stage of manufacturing Our passion for what we are doing can be felt in every detail of our design, we work on providing the best user experience for our costumer.


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